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Realizing the True Benefits of Digital Water

Digital Water

There’s huge potential to reap the true benefits of advances in digital water future, no matter what stage of the journey you are on. Here’s what some of the leading figures in the industry think when it comes to some key topics around analytics, water quality and cybersecurity.

“To manage the complex scenario of smart water, we need to change the game on how we manage our infrastructure to simultaneously maximize capacity, extend asset life, optimize capital investments, and have greater predictability in performance and maintenance. The technology is available, and it is up to all of us to drive the revolution and realize the true benefits of digital water.”

Cindy Wallis-Lage | President, Black & Veatch's Water Business


The Digital Water Future

The Value of Water

About This Video

The video was captured during a high-level discussion on how to realize the true benefits of a digital water future at the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2018 Water Leaders Summit. Co-organized and chaired by Black & Veatch, the room was packed with the world’s top water leaders from the government, industry and the international organizations. The findings of the SIWW 2018 Water Leaders Summit are captured in the SIWW Blue Paper outcome document.

The event panel featured the following experts from the Water industry:

Joke Cuperus


"I think a good leader in this age with a lot of innovations and developments at all kinds of aspects needs to innovate frequently and have also the antennae high to look for the good information for your utility and also for the customers."

Patrick Decker

President, Xylem Inc

"Data needs to address three things before I will put the next dollar into some new whiz-bang technology. First of all, it has to be sustainable. It can’t be changing. Two, it’s got to be secure and reliable. Third, it has to reduce my operating cost or my CapEx budget now."

"A digital utility is about being connected, adaptive, and resilient. I think changing the mindset to value connectivity and understanding that data is there for everyone is where we’re going to make the real change."

Seong Han Kim

VP & Chief Research Officer, K Water

"Through the K-water smart phone application, the consumer can check the state of water quality in their home. In addition, sensoring has resulted in leak detection reduction of 1,500 cubic meter per day and the revenue rate improved about 30 percent."

Cindy Wallis-Lage

"People are the foundational piece. We have to be part of the solution. We have to drive the dialogue by sharing our stories to move forward in a way that we see the best fit for our utilities and see tremendous success."

David Henderson

"Digital will eliminate the guess work. It's going to lower operating costs. It's going to reduce the infrastructure CapEx. It's going to enhance people's jobs. And I think we’re going to be able to more quickly deploy technology and innovation into the water systems."

Peter Herweck

"At the end of the day, it’s not about the technology. I think it is about having a clear strategy and make sure that your people follow that journey. I think one can be successful in increasing the return on the assets deployed and also improve the operational efficiencies."


Want to dig deeper into the possibilities of the analytics revolution reshaping our cities, water utilities and large users of water? Our 2018 Strategic Directions: Water Report demonstrates that water is becoming a high-tech proposition. Data is increasingly driving the conversation, as water utilities and municipalities come to realize the powerful role it can play. Unlike their predecessors, today’s utilities are able to harness the power of analytics, which can deliver actionable information allowing them to optimize systems, cut costs and in effect, do more with less, even as systems age.

2018 Black & Veatch Strategic Directions Water Report

Data and Partnerships Serve as the Foundation for Tomorrow's Smarter Cities


The water industry has reached a turning point. Today’s utilities see the power in embracing data and infrastructure and digitizing operations – not only to help extend aging asset life, but to set the stage for future sustainability, value and innovation. However, budgets are thin even as pressure mounts for utilities to prepare for climate change and build resilience against extreme weather events. To overcome these challenges, water industry leaders in the U.S. and abroad are innovating at an unprecedented pace, reinventing how technology is used to solve industry challenges.

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2018 Black & Veatch Strategic Directions Water Report

Digital Water is Smarter Water


Technology that we can literally hold in the palm of our hand – from smartphones to data-rich applications – have reshaped how we communicate, listen to music or even turn on the lights. But why haven’t we harnessed this technology and given it the critical job of safeguarding our world’s most precious resource? Data will enable the future of water by giving us crucial actionable information – providing keen insights about asset health, to predictions of customer consumption, or even alerting us to potential equipment failure. Identifying the components of a Digital Water program is one thing. Implementing a holistic solution, is quite another.

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2018 Black & Veatch Strategic Directions Water Report

Big Data Bringing Optimization to Life for Water Utilities


Big Data and the complicated algorithms that help translate that data into intelligence can be difficult concepts for any organization, regardless of industry, to swallow. With a plethora of data available through monitoring systems and sensors, how do utilities gather, mine and, most importantly, analyze that information to make a tangible impact on long-standing asset management challenges? Water providers are now beginning to make the most of their data to save on operational costs and improve efficiency by focusing with a new sense of urgency on core issues.

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2018 Black & Veatch Strategic Directions Water Report

Management Trend: Comprehensive Planning & Operational Intelligence Solutions Drive Water Service Efficiency


Utilities today face a critical need to invest in the nation’s aging water and wastewater infrastructure, at no small cost. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, $472.6 billion is needed to maintain and improve our drinking water infrastructure, with $271 billion required to maintain and improve wastewater infrastructure over the next 20 years. In a push to make smarter investments, the industry is accelerating adoption of advanced technologies and “smart water” infrastructure in their comprehensive planning efforts.

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