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Transforming Borders with Smart Technologies

Many U.S. border regions are challenged with a vast amount of people and goods crossing every day, often with long wait times that frustrate citizens and can cost businesses millions. Smart technologies can help alleviate this by boosting security, management and efficiency in the movement of people and goods across the borders, as well as enhance connectivity, economic growth and job creation in the nearby communities which, in many cases, are underserved.

Black & Veatch and Deloitte are collaborating to define business plans, financing models, infrastructure enhancements and technology integration to achieve smart connected border regions, which encompasses border operations and the surrounding communities. This includes tackling new procurement issues and ensuring program sustainability that will drive long term gains across the border region.

Arizona is leading the charge to transform borders with smart technologies and will be the first smart connected border pilot location. Meeting of the Minds recently hosted a webinar featuring representatives from Black & Veatch, Deloitte and the Arizona Commerce Authority, who shared how plans are rapidly evolving to enhance Arizona/Mexico border operations as well as boost opportunities within border towns. Listen to this webinar to learn more about:

  • What sparked Arizona’s eagerness to pursue this project and how it will benefit the citizens of Arizona and cross-border relations with Mexico.
  • Highlights about Black & Veatch and Deloitte’s approach to deliver border dividends of economic development, new jobs, improved mobility and security, and broader technology access. 
  • How lessons learned from these pilots will evolve to become scalable and replicable in multiple border regions globally.


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