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Smarter Cities: Introducing Smart Programs in Divergent Manners

Cities across the globe have followed multiple tracks in their quest to become “smart.” It isn’t a question of right or wrong. However, two key themes are emerging in their approach – either start with a pilot project that produces quick results, or undertake a comprehensive master plan that strategically lays out the coming years and decades.

There are some exciting initial projects that hold the promise of further expansion and improvement in the quality of life for citizens, said Steph Stoppenhagen, Smart Cities Business Development Director for Black & Veatch’s Connected Communities business.

In fact, Black & Veatch recently announced it has partnered with Envision America, a program set up by the White House to advance smart city program planning and implementation. Black & Veatch will apply its engineering, construction, program management and data analytics expertise to help selected U.S. cities develop and deploy smart city programs.