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Don Rife

Don Rife

Don Rife has worked in the IT industry for over 44 years and in the utility industry the past 10 years, both as a business leader and as a management consultant.   He has extensive experience in network communication, head-end systems, outage management and, metering operations.  He currently participates in the Black & Veatch Knowledge Network (BVKN) as an independent contractor filling the BVMC role of Network Lead on the Virgin Islands Water And Power Authority (VIWAPA) AMI project. 

In his current role, Don provided expertise over the analysis, design, and implementation of the AMI network deployment and AMI operations.  Working with both operational and technical experts, Don provided an assessment of the state of the AMI network and suggested paths for remediation.   

Having the ability to tap into subject matter experts such as Don enables Black & Veatch Management Consulting to nimbly augment and meet client needs with resources that would not typically be available as full-time employees.

His background includes leading cybersecurity, network monitoring, energy scheduling, financial trading, accounting, and risk management deployments.  His experience implementing risk management systems and cybersecurity programs for public utilities is what makes him so well-suited to assist his current BVMC client with mitigation strategies against cyber threats facing their industry.

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