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Sandra Law

Sandra Law

Sandra Law has been in the utility industry for over 30 years, both as a business leader and as a power generation engineering, procurement, and construction project manager. She has also served as a power generation development consultant. She has extensive experience in Engineer, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) technical and commercial requirements for various renewable energy and gas designs. She currently participates in the Black & Veatch Knowledge Network (BVKN) as an independent contractor filling the BVMC position of Geothermal Power Generation Consultant.

In her current role, she is a technical consultant supporting an investor’s risk review of a geothermal plant being developed for California’s Imperial Valley. She has reviewed the overall plant design and the uniquely innovative aspect of the well design. She has supported other members of the team in the review of the cost and scheduling and assessing the overall risk management of the project. Where her skills have required additional in-depth analysis on very specific subject matter such as corrosion or geological analysis, she has guided the client to subject matter experts and the required documentation needed to minimize risk.

Having the ability to tap into subject matter experts such as Sandra Law enables Black & Veatch Management Consulting to nimbly augment and meet client needs with resources that would not typically be available as fulltime employees.

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