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Reliability of the Distribution System Vital in Serving 7 Million People

Improving Reliability of Hong Kong Water Distribution System

Project Name
Pressure Management Scheme
Hong Kong SAR, China
Water Supplies Department, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR)

There are many hills in Hong Kong. With the amount of pressure required to move water through this complex system, leakage can occur, and the city’s Water Supplies Department (WSD) is taking proactive steps to prevent water loss (the volume of water that passes through the water treatment works minus all authorized consumption and use.

The WSD is implementing various measures including the replacement and repair of aging mains coupled with active leakage control. Since 2005, Black & Veatch has been working with the WSD on continuous monitoring and pressure management assignments for 15 of the 17 major supply zones.

“In one major supply zone in Kowloon Central Region – with schemes successfully implemented since 2009 – the amount of water Black & Veatch is helping WSD save by pressure management is 80 cubic metres of water per hour. That is the equivalent of 2 million litres of water per day,” said Stephanus Shou, Client Director, Black & Veatch.

Reducing Pressure

Reducing pressure can cut leakage by lessening the stress on pipes and fittings. Area pressure is monitored at critical pressure points, and pressure is adjusted through pressure-reducing valves that also wirelessly report data back to the control center. Reducing excessive pressure in the distribution system – and reducing flows – is helping reduce incidents of pipe failures, extend asset life, save costs for pipe repairs and maximize water savings.

“We expect that pipe leaks and pipe bursts in the study area will be reduced and that water leakage can be detected in an early stage so that repair of the water pipe can be carried out promptly. My impression of Black & Veatch is that they are efficient, cooperative and reliable. Working with them is a nice experience.”

W.I. Kwok, Engineer, Design Division, Water Supplies Department of the Hong Kong SAR

Black & Veatch is helping save 80 cubic metres of water per hour.


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