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Master Planning

Realize long-term visions; more integrated, efficient and resilient

Master Planning

If you could see 20 years into the future, how would that change what you do today?

While we haven’t cracked time travel yet at Black & Veatch, our rigorous approach to master planning combines our legacy in sustainable infrastructure solutions with best-in-class, modern data analytics so you can make the most informed decisions about investing, optimizing and preparing for your biggest and brightest future.

Across all Industries and Scales

Carefully listening to our clients across all industries, we partner on a journey to master plan at a variety of scales and impact whether across projects, the enterprise or utility, or at a system- or city-wide level.

Our work is creating and shaping many new future including the New Energy economy, Smart Cities, Data Centers, and much more.  Learn also how, through Diode Ventures, we work with clients in the commercial, industrial and technologies sectors who are looking to develop assets or save on existing operational costs with their current asset portfolio

The Black & Veatch ASSET360® platform gives you the power of real-time data analytics to de-risk decision-making based on a panoramic understanding of past, present and future-projected asset performance and market conditions. Industries and utilities are evolving more rapidly than ever, and our holistic approach accounts for all the factors that could impact your business sustainability: grid modernization, distributed resource integration, fuel pricing, more stringent environmental requirements, changing technology, and more. 

Video: The Quest to Become Smart Cities Follows Many Tracks

Inclusive Connected Communities Roadmap

Black & Veatch and software subsidiary Atonix Digital are working with the City of San Diego to implement a strategy that could bring smart city technologies to underserved areas of the city. The Inclusive Connected Communities Roadmap project is a collaborative effort between regional business association Cleantech San Diego, Black & Veatch, Atonix Digital, and community research firm Harder+Company that will evaluate how technology-based solutions can help address the top economic and social challenges of residents in low- to moderate-income areas of San Diego.

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Integrated Solutions for Full Infrastructure Lifecycle

We make success easier. Solving today’s sustainable infrastructure challenges demands a broader approach – beyond the “project” – for optimization across the entire lifecycle. From planning and design to construction, operations to betterment and rehabilitation, where today’s project ends, tomorrow’s project begins.


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