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Program & Risk Management

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Program & Risk Management

We offer many services in a comprehensive approach to Program and Construction Management (PMCM). It’s an approach that includes managing entire systems, improving project delivery and managing construction. PMCM can process hundreds or thousands of separate activities with multiple ongoing projects. This adds value at every step of the project delivery.

EnergyPrograms can take on many forms and include multiple types of installations. A program can also include managing different types of technologies. We coordinate the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), including cost and schedule.

WaterThe need for water is increasing globally, but treating and delivering it is becoming increasingly complex. Our program management "tool box" includes software, procedures and processes for efficient management of staff, schedules and budgets.

TelecommunicationsWe offer program management services for both wireless and wireline networks. This includes process design and implementation, quality assurance and risk management. We also offer complete EPC.

GovernmentsBlack & Veatch is among the nation's top providers of program management services to the U.S. government. We lead programs for the Department of Defense, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, both domestically and globally.

Smart City: We are experts in multiple, concurrent distributed infrastructure programs, with vast experience in the intricate planning, permitting, site design and construction related to Smart City engagements.

Black & Veatch offers a proactive approach to construction management (CM). This lowers cost, improves quality and minimizes construction claims. We offer tailored CM services in our four core markets – energy, water, telecommunications and governments. Our vast experience as engineer-constructors, in addition to our strong startup and commissioning abilities, makes us uniquely qualified to manage complex projects for clients globally.

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We make success easier. Solving today’s sustainable infrastructure challenges demands a broader approach – beyond the “project” – for optimization across the entire lifecycle. From planning and design to construction, operations to betterment and rehabilitation, where today’s project ends, tomorrow’s project begins.


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