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COVID-19 Solutions

BV Safe Contact Field Safety Tool

Real-time mapping technology keeps projects moving and workers safe from COVID-19.

BV Safe Contact Field Safety Tool

Now more than ever, communities are reliant on vital power, water and telecommunication services. Critical infrastructure project work must continue but protecting the health and safety of highly distributed field teams is a top concern. Black & Veatch’s BV Safe Contact solution is a geospatial tracking tool that uses connected data to safeguard field services and construction crews during the COVID-19 global health crisis.

Connected Data Sets Keep Crews Safe

BV Safe Contact displays a holistic view of project management data overlaid with continuously updated COVID-19 case data that is streamed live from Johns Hopkins University. The tool links to active client project locations and provides a real-time view of active hot spots and potential high-risk exposure areas. Powered by our NORA: Total Project Awareness platform, the BV Safe Contact tool is cloud-based, secure, and mobile accessible.

In addition to tracking and monitoring high-risk exposure areas, BV Safe Contact integrates with a field collection app for employee contact tracing. This provides insight into potentially unsafe sites at a person-to-person level. This enables leadership to:

  • Trace interactions between employees to record potential exposures and predict future high threat scenarios
  • Use advanced visualizations and analytics to alert employees of potential exposure, enabling them to quickly self-isolate and get treatment if needed
  • Query, sort and view data for specific uses

Check out the short demo video above for an inside look at the BV Safe Contact tool in action.

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