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Health Solutions

Focused on safety, health, and business continuity, Black & Veatch is constantly adapting the innovative ways we support our surrounding communities and clients.

Health Solutions

Providing customizable, mobile and modular healthcare infrastructure

Black & Veatch’s Health Solutions team offers a holistic approach to physical, digital, and medical management that extends the reach of healthcare services. The COVID-19 pandemic challenged Black & Veatch to leverage our expertise in developing distributed infrastructure, collecting and tracking data, and managing networks of project personnel to offer integrated health solutions. Post-pandemic, we’ve expanded our suite of solutions to support a wider variety of health services in our communities.

Our Rapid Modular Solutions (RaMS) maximize the reach of health care services and offer secure, customizable, and site-based medical clinics. Engineered as best-in-class frameworks for managing public health and safety, our mobile and modular units deliver essential services directly to patients:

Mobile Solution

Mobile units are designed for launching in-home healthcare programs and serving healthcare deserts or medically underserved communities. These units can be utilized to serve multiple different locations, offering unmatched flexibility. Mobile units can also be leveraged for marketing purposes with our custom branding capabilities.

Modular Solutions

Modular units are available in a variety of sizes and configurations that can be moved to semi-fixed locations. These units can be used to increase capacity at hospitals or medical offices, provide temporary space during remodels or expansions, or serve as new brand locations to test market viability. Modular units are a more flexible alternative to costly construction of new facilities.

All Black & Veatch’s RaMS units are 4G wireless enabled, secure, temperature-controlled, and customizable for optimal staff efficiency and organizational branding. Each unit also comes with a built-in pure sine wave gasoline generator and air purification system. Our mobile and modular units can be leveraged in a variety of ways including (but not limited to):

Healthcare services and exams
Imaging and Screening
Imaging and screening
Education and outreach
Education and outreach
Immunization clinics
Immunization clinics
Laboratory testing
Laboratory testing
Dentistry services
Dentistry services
Research and development
Research and development
Medical office spaces
Medical office spaces
Telehealth computer labs
Telehealth computer labs

RaMS Mobile Clinic

Rapid response
Secure & temperature controlled
Refrigerated storage
4G wireless connectivity
Fully outfitted work area
Built-in pure sine wave gasoline generator
Air purification system

RaMS Modular Clinic

Rapidly deployable
Vaccine capable
4G wireless connectivity
In-unit refrigerators

RaMS Mobile Lab

Includes essential equipment
Quick and effective sample testing
Result delivery
Fully mobile from site to site

RaMS Dental Van

Dental chair, light, and cart Other dentistry equipment Operator stool Handheld X-ray system

Edison Awards 2021 Winner

An Award-Winning Solution

Black & Veatch’s RaMS were awarded the top prize for pandemic-related solutions at the 2021 Edison Awards in the “COVID-19 Innovations: Mobilizing for Emergency Response” category. Our RaMS have also been nominated for a 2022 Edison Award. Among the highest accolades a product can receive in the name of innovation, the Edison Awards recognize and honor some of the world’s most cutting-edge products and services as well as business leaders driving creativity and ingenuity. The annual honors personify the awards’ namesake, prolific innovator Thomas Edison. Finalists for the honors are deemed “best of the best” by the world’s top senior business leaders, academics and innovators.

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