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BV Health Solutions

We're embracing new ways to work and innovate, focusing on safety and health, business continuity and adapting how we support our clients and the industries we serve.

BV Health Solutions

We offer a holistic approach to physical, digital, and medical management. Engineered as a best-in-class framework for managing population health, telehealth, and safety during the pandemic, BV Health Solutions puts an emphasis on supporting communities that are underserved.

As an industry leading engineering company, the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic mobilized our teams to find solutions to support local communities. We utilized our experience in the design and development of distributed infrastructure, collecting and tracking biological lab data, monitoring water streams, managing networks of facilities and project site personnel to develop integrated solutions for a variety of industries. We started by building infrastructure based around PPE distribution and testing. Then, as the demands surrounding COVID-19 rapidly changed, we adapted to meet the market needs. This meant addressing vaccination distribution, education, and support. We offer a variety of COVID-19 response services and solutions that can work together or can be deployed individually to support safer facility access, contact tracing, testing and expanded screening at schools, office locations, healthcare facilities, event venues, and more.

Our Solutions

BV Health Solutions is a compilation of products combined with industry leading partners to provide health equity. In the short term, BV Health Solutions assisted with COVID 19 mitigation efforts for clients by testing employees and providing vaccinations to communities.

We are now looking towards a future beyond the COVID19 pandemic. Our capabilities and modular clinics can be expanded to include a full suite of health services such as telehealth and occupational testing.  Our solutions will help provide healthcare equity to all, by bringing proven technologies and doctors to hard to reach rural and urban areas. Our capabilities can also be leveraged to craft mobile solutions for other industries such as education, community outreach, and occupational testing.

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4 Steps to a Successful COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Solution

Even as business operations begin to normalize around the world, the need for rapidly deployable COVID-19 testing and vaccination solutions remains urgent. Our experts outline how to develop and implement a program to support your community.

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IgniteX COVID-19 Response Accelerator Solutions

As part of the 2020 IgniteX program, Black & Veatch helped accelerate solutions that safeguarded our communities from the effects of COVID-19. We've partnered with a variety of innovative, growing companies to commercialize and scale solutions for disinfection, environmental sensing, health screening, tracking & tracing and more.

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