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Data Analytics

Identify, deliver and sustain higher value from data.

With the increasing number of smart sensors deployed across utilities or industrial assets, data availability is rarely a problem. The promise of analytics is that it can deliver actionable information that optimizes systems, facilities or processes, cuts costs and in effect, does more with less, even as systems age.

The most successful smart asset management and maintenance programs blend human and technological excellence. Achieving the financial benefits of dynamic maintenance or prognostic maintenance interventions, for example, starts with applying a deep institutional knowledge of an asset base that can only come from the people who design, build and operate it.  From the smallest details to the most expansive view of your utility or facility assets, Black & Veatch integrates its full  planning, engineering and construction knowledge alongside the deployment of our own software solutions to deliver business outcomes.

We recognize the cost of capturing, storing and accessing each data that is implemented and work to the end goal of establishing the right data points across the right platforms at the right moments. Failure to achieve this can result in data gathering initiatives that cost more than the savings they were expected to yield.

Software Solutions Created and Designed with Your Real Problems In Mind

With its ASSET360® software, Black & Veatch subsidiary Atonix Digital captures, analyzes and integrates data across infrastructure systems. This helps our clients simplify asset performance management to improve reliability and efficiency, detect emerging problems, improve accuracy of planning, and provide an invaluable return on investment.

Data is everywhere. But by focusing on what matters most to your business goals, we’re able to turn your terabytes into intelligence that transforms your operations.

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