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Microgrids Should Be a Strong Component of Resilient, Smart Cities

Modernizing power delivery – particularly in a time of rapidly expanding populations and rising costs of a reliable power supply – encompasses more than replacing old components with new. The investments will need to address integration of larger shares of renewable energy while delivering on higher levels of reliability and resilience that are demanded by energy consumers and businesses.

New tools, such as intelligent energy storage, smart grid, consumer demand response management (DRM), Internet of Things (IoT) technology and microgrids, are bringing about promising solutions.

The global microgrid market is estimated to top $35 billion by 2020. A new generation of low-carbon microgrids is emerging and shifting our conception of how energy and power is produced, distributed and consumed. The concept of locally generated and consumed energy is evolving how we plan for utility systems in densely populated cities, where resilience is increasingly valued in the face of violent storms that can bring down the power grid.