Some threats to our way of life are always top-of-mind. Security breaches, global conflicts and natural disasters make daily headlines. Other, more long-term risks are just as dangerous but often go unnoticed until there’s a major problem: aging power lines prevent a community from recovering after a natural disaster, or, years of environmental neglect at an industrial site requires immediate remediation to prevent pollution of drinking water.

Whether risks are known, unknown, or mitigated behind the scenes, Black & Veatch works alongside the U.S. Federal government and the military to protect energy, water and communication infrastructure against global threats. We enable our clients to improve lives today and prepare communities for resilient futures.

We also understand federal clients have to make the most of limited funding and respond with innovative technology and design solutions that increase efficiencies across all mission-critical facilities. We’re deploying distributed energy resources, including microgrids, that decrease costs while always keeping infrastructure up and running.

We specialize in engineering, design and construction support for military facilities, environmental projects and defense programs, including cybersecurity. We capitalize on the support of more than 11,000 multi-disciplinary professionals based in nearly every continent.

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Featured Project

Bringing Resilient SunCrate Energy to Puerto Rico

Yabucoa District, Puerto Rico

Eleven months after Hurricane Maria, 140 students at the SU Manuel Ortiz school now have reliable power. Resilient electricity service was provided  through an innovative scalable, plug-and-play sunshine-to-energy module pioneered by SunCrate Energy with Black & Veatch support.  

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