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Water Industries

Stormwater & Flooding

Our dedicated wet-weather discharge, stormwater and flooding experts around the globe can help utilities avert issues, mitigate risks and respond to events in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Stormwater & Flooding Control Solutions

We offer solutions that can combine green infrastructure, detention structures, tunneling and open channel systems and underground drainage networks, in addition to comprehensive planning efforts. Our team also provides direction and recommendations to achieve regulatory compliance and manage stormwater as efficiently as possible.

To better understand the systems and develop tailored solutions, we use the most advanced and effective technology available, including geographic information systems (GIS), condition assessment techniques and rehabilitation technologies. Our extensive background in stormwater management also includes:

  • Hydrologic, hydraulic and water quality modeling and training.
  • Flow analysis, including infiltration and inflow (I/I).
  • Regulatory review.
  • Maintenance management.
  • Flood alleviation. 

Black & Veatch’s integrated stormwater and wastewater solutions go farther than traditional management. We strive to resourcefully handle what is typically considered a nuisance and capitalize on the potential to create multiple benefits from wet-weather facilities. In addition to green and gray infrastructure solutions to tackle combined and sanitary sewer overflows and flooding, we engineered state-of-the-art high-rate treatment facilities as they first evolved, and we continue to do so as they advance to next generation systems.

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