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Whether for water supply planning, reuse, desalination, or more, trust Black & Veatch's water supply and treatment solutions.

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Emerging technologies, rising sustainability demands, and ongoing public interest concerns present utilities with a host of considerations for water supply and treatment—chief among them is balancing the push for innovation with the realities of budgets and operational costs. That's where Black & Veatch comes in.

As leaders in both the water and energy industries, we combine market-leading expertise and the latest technologies to deliver water supply and treatment solutions that meet your operational needs, safety concerns, and sustainability goals.

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Treatment Facilities & Technologies

Our treatment facility designs are built upon raw water quality and range from conventional to membrane filtration, along with treatment for specific chemical contaminants and various disinfection technologies to meet all current and potential drinking water standards. We’re also on the leading edge of many advanced technologies, including membrane filtration and desalination, and we are leading the industry in advanced disinfection technology, such as ultraviolet disinfection, ozone treatments, and hybrid/alternative technologies.

Design & Build Support

Our technical specialists deliver planning and development support, as well as stand-alone projects. We undertake design-build delivery including the program management, construction, procurement, installation, and commissioning of new or upgraded water treatment plants. We also supply standard components for the water and wastewater industry, serving customers worldwide.

Alternative Solutions

Our pioneering work in alternative water supply and treatment solutions is helping to facilitate the technological sharing between both water reuse and desalination. We bring more than 40 years as a worldwide leader in desalination, and our capabilities include membrane, thermal, and hybrid designs for both seawater and brackish water sources. In water reuse, Black & Veatch has been at the forefront well before reuse regulations came into play. Our work decades ago provided the basic data for reuse standards.

Residuals Management

Water residuals management is another vital aspect of the overall treatment process, and residuals may be organic and inorganic compounds in liquid, solid, and gaseous forms. We have expertise in a wide range of treatment processes, including coagulation/filtration, precipitative softening, membrane separation, and others.

From master planning and wastewater treatment engineering to turnkey design-build services, our water and wastewater expertise and solution set is comprehensive and incremental. Our teams develop customizable solutions designed to meet your facility’s rigorous needs, including operational, quality, sustainability, and safety requirements. Some of our many services include:

  • Water and energy mapping and auditing
  • Water conservation and reuse
  • Advanced water and wastewater treatment
  • Zero liquid discharge/discharge compliance
  • Optimization of water and wastewater treatment processes and operations
  • Smart water systems – digital data monitoring and diagnostics
  • Asset management to maximize utilization
  • Water balance studies
  • Water supply selection and review
  • Water management and reuse plans

Black & Veatch delivers groundwater solutions from sourcing and disposal to reclamation and reuse that:

  • Build groundwater supply resilience
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Meet water quality targets
  • Optimize operations
  • Promote business growth & investment
  • Protect lives & property
  • Resource planning and optimization
  • Hydrogeologic and geologic investigations
  • Data collection & analytics
  • Testing
  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Rehabilitation/Repair
  • Evaluations – flow, contaminant & leachate migration rates, pumping programs in multi- aquifer systems, well monitoring, saltwater
  • Conditions – siltstone, alluvial bedrock, fossil sandstone aquifer, glacial outwash, carbonate & unconsolidated soils, fine sand
  • Software – interfaces with flow & contaminant transport codes including MODFLOW, MODPAT, MT3DMS, FEMWATER; & SEEP/W, HST3D, SUTRA & MOC for analysis

Download our solution overview to learn more about our groundwater solutions.

An inevitable part of the wastewater process is dealing with biosolids management, which can be a complex, costly problem for utilities. Black & Veatch has been on the forefront of biosolids management, from public review of regulations through the design and construction of a wide range of treatment facilities. Because our experience includes all types of thickening, dewatering, stabilization, storage, and air permitting technologies, as well as final use and disposal strategies, including cogeneration and combined heat and power, we can tailor an advanced biosolids solution to meet your needs.

As concerns about supply quality and reliability grow, advancements in water reuse are vitally important. Adequate water supply hinges increasingly on intelligent recovery and reuse. Black & Veatch is a pioneer in practical and economical water reclamation and reuse solutions for all types of water quality.

Providing planning-to-operations services and leadership in all treatment technologies, Black & Veatch delivers water reuse solutions for any end need. Learn more about our successful track record in water reuse solutions here.

Black & Veatch is a leader in desalination, assisting clients with a comprehensive range of technologies and project types. Our global portfolio addresses all types of challenging source waters treating seawater, brackish groundwater and wastewater for both municipal and industrial clients with projects on six continents.

We over a full program of services tailoring our approach to each client’s needs, from traditional engineering and design services to turnkey design-build.

Download our solution overview to explore our full set of water desalination services and capabilities.

With Black & Veatch’s help, many facilities are capturing biosolids energy and converting it to a marketable product. As a result, the facilities are getting the benefits of lower operational costs. We refer to the growing waste-to-energy industry as “resource recovery” rather than waste management. Anaerobic digestion is a well-established method of dealing with liquid and solid organic waste. The process generates biogas that can be used as a renewable energy source.

Fueled by our dual expertise in the water and energy areas, our teams can help water clients implement additional renewable energy strategies, including small-scale hydropower and solar approaches.

Black & Veatch also offers Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC). An ESPC or performance contract is an agreement for the scope development, design, and construction of efficiency improvements. These improvements are created to deliver significant energy and operational cost savings—with performance of the improvements and their savings guaranteed. Projects are funded by reallocating the guaranteed savings to the utility’s budget, with no impact on the utility’s capital budget or rates. The excess savings can be put to work on other needs.

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