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Smart Cities

Imagine a city that can manage all critical functions collectively.  Where city services—like water, electricity, and transportation—naturally expand, contract and shift focus as needs change.  Imagine a reality where systems share an awareness of emerging situations and react by finding alternative paths and best options for optimal response.

Smart Cities

Black & Veatch is working towards this smart city reality by enabling integration of innovative technologies. As a global leader, we set the standard for how smart city systems are conceived, designed and delivered. We are experts in smart city technology integration and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), including installation of wireless communications, sensors, municipal fiber and electrical infrastructure.  We use our own ASSET360™ data analytics platform to help cities manage city conditions through actionable planning, operation information and user-friendly dashboards.

Alongside our extensive partner network, we deliver smart integrated solutions such as kiosks, street furniture, streetlights and clean transportation networks. Our global leadership in energy, water and telecommunications engineering includes renewable integration, virtual power plant planning and programming, smart grid control planning, microgrids, energy storage, and zero-emission transportation planning and infrastructure.

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