Water Supply, Desalination & Reuse

The world faces a paradox of increasing water demand and dwindling resources.

Water Supply, Desalination & Reuse

Black & Veatch planners determine the sources of water supply that best meet anticipated needs and then provide the optimal design to ensure the reliability of that supply. We study all potential sources, including both traditional supplies and newer options. Surface waters and groundwater are traditional sources, but today, conservation, water reuse and desalination are more commonly becoming part of water supply portfolios.

Water supply planning must be based on a sound understanding of the hydrologic cycle. More than that, it must take into account environmental and public interest concerns. It requires vision, and at the same time, calls for prudence, as economic realities can’t be ignored. As the effects of regional droughts become more prevalent, it requires close work with regional water planning groups and integrated water resources planning to develop sound contingency plans, with resilience and cost-effectiveness factored in.


Sometimes water supply needs can be met through desalination. Our desalination experience covers membrane, thermal and hybrid designs for both seawater and brackish source waters. We evaluate dozens of unique factors that determine the precise design and technology to drive project success. And we work diligently to provide an unbiased assessment of equipment and suppliers.

As resources decline and water demand grows, advancements in water reuse are vitally important. Adequate water supply of the future hinges on intelligent recovery and reuse. Black & Veatch is a pioneer in practical and economical water reclamation and reuse solutions for all types of water quality.

Under the right circumstances, sewer mining can be a sustainable water reuse strategy. In “Sewer Mining Toolbox Helps Evaluate Reuse Opportunities,” published in the Water Environment Federation’s World Water magazine, Bikram Sabherwal, Jesse Wallin and Sandeep Sathyamoorthy explain how Black & Veatch’s new sewer mining toolbox will be used by the company to help utility managers and developers determine whether decentralized water reuse is right for them.

“Making Sense of Sensor Data for Potable Reuse" describes a Black & Veatch-led Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) project that will help managers and operators of potable reuse facilities use big data to detect anomalies, take appropriate real-time action, and support regulatory compliance. Dr. Jeff Neemann, Jay DeCarolis, Hedieh Esfahani and Jon Loveland share details about the research project in the article, which is from World Water: Water Reuse & Desalination.

Black & Veatch also provides technical excellence in the design and construction of dams and reservoirs. We’ve been responsible for the investigation, analysis, design or construction of more than 1,500 dams in 20 countries.

Engineers are constantly searching for new water reuse methods to sustain the world’s finite supply. For instance, Black & Veatch’s Sandeep Sathyamoorthy recently co-authored a feature article in World Water: Water Reuse & DesalinationThe authors share pilot-study findings and insights about the emerging role of biofiltration in the use of anammox processes to manage nitrogen for mainstream treatment. 


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