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Customer Engagement & Operations

New technology is enhancing how customers use, manage and pay for services.

Customer Engagement & Operations

Utilities are under increasing pressure to show customers value for rates paid and enhance customer engagement and participation in various conservation, demand response and/or energy efficiency programs.

Black & Veatch Management Consulting, LLC works with utilities to maximize their distribution automation and smart grid investments through tailored, customer-focused programs and technology solutions.

Our customer engagement and operations projects, including program design and utility billing and customer information systems, have benefited more than 130 million customers worldwide. 

Customer Engagement and Operations


Our clients improve their return on investment and overall customer satisfaction through programs that provide information, choice and the ability to better manage energy use through:
  • Demand-side management system design and architecture.
  • Digital strategy.
  • Design and implementation of a mobile customer experience.
  • Customer segmentation and retail program design.
  • System selection, integration and implementation.
  • Program implementation.


Customer Information Systems (CIS)

The success and ability to grow and enhance customer programs hinges largely on a modern customer information system (CIS). As a certified Oracle® implementation partner and the first Oracle Partner Network member to earn Specialized status in North America, Black & Veatch provides comprehensive system integration and implementation support.

Our exclusive focus on utility CIS programs has enabled us to develop our Clarity® toolset that provides transparency; reduces program risk, complexity and overall project timeline; and boosts confidence through project go-live and optimization. Our tools, specialized utility experience and customer focus have earned our team a 100 percent client satisfaction rating for our Oracle Customer Care & Billing implementation, system integration, program management and rescue projects.

Why Our Clients Select Black & Veatch

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Customer to Meter (C2M) Implementation – Proven Expertise and Award-Winning Execution

Proven CIS Expertise and Tools

Clarity™ is a preconfigured Oracle® implementation solution that leverages our proprietary tools, methodologies, templates and industry experience. This solution enables utility leaders to focus on their business process transformation efforts rather than technical configurations. 

Leading Practice Testing

Compare testing complements traditional testing to deliver more robust validation.

Compare Test:

  • Very high volume of cases - many repetitive, but made manageable by approach
  • Covers all production scenarios (not just what an analyst believes is necessary)
  • Limited to conditions experienced in production

Integration Test:

  • Analyst-selected scenarios
  • Target foreseen conditions including extended lifecycle, as well as ‘negative’ testing of conditions not expected
  • Number of cases tested constrained by effort to design and execute them
Black & Veatch Management Consulting, LLC And Oracle®

Black & Veatch Management Consulting was the first company to achieve Oracle Partner Network’s Specialized distinction in North America for Oracle Utilities C2M (formerly known as Oracle CC&B) —a status we have maintained since 2013.

Quick System Diagnostics – CIS Health Check

Compare the performance of your CIS and supported processes to industry benchmarks.

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This Health Check analyzes a utility’s CIS performance and supported business processes to compare cost and efficiency metrics against industry benchmarks. When a CIS system is approaching the end of its functional lifecycle, a health check report can be used to develop a business case for replacement.

Our system provides key report components such as:

  • A Report Card that rates the CIS and related processes against 30 leading indicators
  • A Recommended Actions Report based on the report card, where we provide results and identify proposed solutions
  • Documentation for executive reporting
Customer Service Optimization – a Three-Phase Approach

Most under-performing systems can be remediated to improve operations, cash flow and reputation.

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Our proprietary, three-phase solution can:

  • Stabilize through a two-pronged approach that easily identifies system issues through a dashboard view and measures operational improvements
  • Optimize with key process components including adoption of stabilization improvements, establishing metrics-driven performance management and improving process automation so you can focus on normal business operations and prevent recurring issues
  • Sustain performance objectives through the adoption of a business area scorecard and reorganization or consolidation of support services to achieve maximum ROI from your CIS investment

For more information, download our CIS optimization guide.

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